Free Tesla Code: Supercharging Referral Code and Link for September 2021

Use Tesla Referral Code eric71036 for 1,000 free miles of supercharging

Tesla Supercharging in a parking lot

Are you thinking of buying a new Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, or Model X?

Congratulations, they are amazing cars and amazing electric vehicles!

Tesla Model Y in Blue
Pretty isn’t she? Blue is a lovely color for your next Tesla.

You’ll love the Tesla Referral Program for Free Supercharging with a Tesla referral code link!

As you already know by now, these electric vehicles are transformative to own and drive – you’ll love going on road trips again, especially if you add Autopilot to your vehicle package. 

Between the high safety ratings to the incredible flexibility and family benefits of the Model X, in particular, if you can afford it, you can’t go wrong. 

Did you know that the Model 3 has the highest satisfaction of any vehicle as surveyed by Consumer Reports!

Now is the perfect time to purchase a Model 3, Model Y, S or X since you can get a bonus of Free Supercharging for the first 1,000 miles or 1500 km through the Tesla Referral Program when using a valid referral code (the offers on the site may take a minute to load).

GET:: Free SuperCharging for New Teslas in 2021

Can’t wait?  Ok, ok … we have a current and active Tesla Referral link so you can get your order in today. Don’t worry, you’ll have three days to cancel if you happen to change your mind and seven days to return the car after delivery if you didn’t test drive it.

Unlimited Supercharging with a new Tesla in September 18, 2021

Sadly the days of unlimited supercharging are gone as Tesla has decided to end that promotion. What we can say is that by using a referral code with your new order you can obtain 1,000 miles worth of supercharging which is nice especially on road trips.

What Do You Get With The Tesla Referral Program?

By using a Tesla Referral Code you get:

  • Free Supercharging for first 1,000 miles on a new or leased Model 3, Model Y, Model S, or Model X.


  • Only for Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X vehicles
  • Referral code must be applied at time of order but if you happen to have made a mistake and need to add a referral code – just ask and your sales rep can add it to the order.
  • This code does NOT work for Cybertruck pre-orders or used vehicles, only new inventory.
  • Once you take delivery of the vehicle the free Supercharging miles will apply.

So How Do You Get a 2021 Tesla Referral Code?

All existing Tesla customers have been given personal referral codes to give to others who might buy a Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S or Model X.  You use the code by either clicking on the owner’s referral code link on the Tesla website. You can also obtain free supercharging miles by providing my code (eric71036) to a Tesla representative at a local dealer location.

The Tesla website will indicate what the code provides and the Tesla representative can also tell you.

Need a Valid Referral Code Link?

Current Active Tesla Referral Code: eric71036

Use Tesla Referral Code “eric71036” for 1,000 free miles of supercharging

Model 3 in Red. So pretty plus earn 1,000 miles of bonus supercharging as a bonus when you use the referral code eric71036

Why is Free Supercharging your Tesla Such a Big Deal?

Tesla Referral Code - Free Lifetime Supercharging

Supercharging refers to Tesla Motor’s proprietary charging stations located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and in a growing list of locations worldwide. Typically, these stations sit along major highways or in urban centers to make charging convenient no matter where you are going. This system works for road trips, charging on your lunch break at the office or whenever you need a quick charge.

There are numerous advantages to having free Supercharging on your Model 3, Model Y, Model S, or Model X.  As of 2021, there are more than 1,500 Supercharging stations with over 15,000 individual Superchargers.

Many of these stations exist near shopping centers and grocery stores, so you can incorporate your Supercharging time into your routine. Not only do you get free Supercharging with a purchase, but you save time when you couple a Supercharger with a weekly shopping trip.

Thanks to the referral code you will be provided with 1000 miles of free Supercharging, saving you the Supercharging fee on those miles. Just plug in your car and 15 to 30 minutes later you are ready to keep going, and with V3 Superchargers, even faster (note that this is not the charging time for a full charge, that takes a little longer especially from an empty battery).

Supercharging is faster than plugging in at your home because the stations can regulate and monitor the flow of electricity as Direct Current. In your home, your car gets about 50 miles worth of charge in 1 hour and 45 minutes, while 150 miles takes about four hours at home.

Supercharging gives you a full charge from empty in about 45 minutes. Even with upgrades to your home plug-in system, Supercharging is still much faster.

Free Supercharging takes the worry out of long road trips when you plan your ride along major interstate highways. The money you save can go towards souvenirs of your fun family vacation or your journey across America. Tesla has a trip planner and the computer will alert you if you may be out of range of a Supercharging station.

Previously, owners of a new Model S or X got an annual credit of 400 kWh, or about 1,000 miles. After that, owners paid a modest fee for every Supercharging that is still less expensive than a tank of gas. Prices vary based on your location. Tesla estimates a trip from Los Angeles to New York would cost Model S or X owners about $120 in charging fees at Supercharging stations.

Why Did Tesla Make A Referral Program for Free SuperCharging?

Virtually all Tesla owners get excited when talking about their cars. Tesla vehicles are practically maintenance-free, don’t have gas costs and are extremely safe to operate. Tesla’s referral program offers a way for owners to spread the word online and on sites like Reddit, Youtube and Twitter.

Tesla is still a relatively new car company and needs to drive revenue of its higher-end models so it can offset the enormous amounts of money it spent building factories and equipment. The lifetime savings in gas help bring the overall cost of the vehicle lower than its price tag. Between fuel and maintenance a Tesla can be much less costly compared to other vehicles.

Previously, Tesla offered lifetime free unlimited Supercharging to early adopters who bought Model S and Model X (and Performance Model 3 series) vehicles. That program helped drum up interest in Tesla vehicles and generate revenue for the company so it could finance the building of new factories and the purchase of equipment to build cars. 

Now that Tesla is on a more steady production curve, Elon Musk has said that it no longer offers free lifetime Supercharging and instead has consolidated all free Supercharging offers through the referral program.

Ending free lifetime Supercharging was not a popular choice but not only does it help Tesla save money and pay for the Supercharging stations, it also reduces wait times at Supercharging stations, which can become clogged up with those charging for free. They also switched the more recent program where several months of free supercharging where offered (in addition to discounts on solar panels) and now offer Free Supercharging credit with new purchases.

Last Thoughts on Tesla Free Super Charging

A Tesla referral code for free Supercharging can save you hundreds of dollars on faster charges. Yes you will charge each night at home at a slower rate while paying a slightly lower price for electricity. When you want to travel longer distances the SuperCharging network is there for you.

The promotion is a part of Tesla’s convenient infrastructure that helps owners maintain their vehicles in top shape while continuing to love their cars.

Current Active Tesla Referral Code: eric71036

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